1What is CCABD Foundation?
Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation (CCABD Foundation) is a fully volunteer's organization in Bangladesh. We designed to engage and educate public and private sector partners through events and initiatives.
2What CCABD Foundation Do?
The mission of CCABD Foundation is brought to zero level in cyber crime in whole Bangladesh. CCABD Foundation is continuously organizing Seminars and Workshops on "Cyber Crime Awareness" for all kinds of people in the community. This Foundation also creating network to spread awareness about cyber crime and cyber security through all over the Bangladesh.
3How to get involved with CCABD foundation?
Anyone in the community can get involve with our initiatives to raise awareness about cybercrime and security as volunteer and champion.
To join the volunteer program on cyber-consciousness, fill out the form:
4What is the fee for registration to join with as a volunteer ?
It is completely free to join with us as a volunteer and champion.